Pixelbomb Games is a games development studio based in the North, taking huge risks and creating brand new, exciting IP in the games industry.

As a collective, the team works in a uniquely full-time-meets-freelance capacity, where most people do hours as they choose. Some members of staff take advantage of their early bird hours, while others choose to work from afternoon until sunset; and some go way, way beyond that… Enjoying skyline views of Manchester city centre from the shared office (it pays to be good business start-up neighbours), Pixelbomb Games is ready to make its mark on the world..

Pixelbomb’s Debut title for PC is Beyond Flesh and Blood. The mech-glorious, gory sci-fi shooter re-imagines Manchester 200 years in the future – and it’s made in Manchester by the following people:

  • Team
    Dizz – Art Director
  • Team
    Jimmy – Senior Character Artist
  • Team
    Tony – 3D Generalist