Pixelbomb Games is proud to be part of a bustling tech community in Manchester and the North. We are a company of independent developers, fresh meat and seasoned indie wannabes taking risky, brazen strides beyond our AAA upbringing.

Still based in Manchester, the studio’s quest continues: making brand new games in the heart of the North.

You’ll find the latest studio news on our blog.


Press Officer: Jane McConnell 

  • “There’s real local flavour to Pixelbomb Games.” – Manchester Evening News
  • “This is a profoundly gory game. To find what’s Beyond Flesh and Blood, apparently you’ve got to get the stuff everywhere.”Jeremy Peel, PCGamesN
  • “Pixelbomb’s blood-strewn version of Albert Square… we’re interested.” – Joe Skrebels 
  • “Thought-provoking mini-games and all-out shoot ‘em up action.” – PlayStation Universe
  • “Quite why future Manchester isn’t simply City 17, constructed around our very own Citadel, I don’t rightly know.” – Rock Paper Shotgun
  • “Awesome team at Pixelbomb Games!” – Ben Carmichael,
  • “Check these guys out!” – Neil Dyson,