Early Access Release: 1st June 2016

Space is Easy… Prepare for Earth.

Beyond Flesh and Blood is a fast-paced and gory 3rd person mech action shooter with sci-fi overtones, set in the UK city of Manchester.

Story: Ethan is one of Earth’s last few good men in the United Global Remnant (UGR). After failing his pilot test and years in orbit, he finally returns to Earth. Mechs and drones rule what’s left. The only way back is through mind-powered VR controlling the huge, clearance level mechs which hover in pods above the planet.

But with the UGR, there are truths, and there are lies.

With mind control, there’s no death. The only way to get health back is by absorbing the bio-energy spawned by fallen foes, forcing a true fight for survival. Complex mechs, broken signals and reports of unknown life forms begin to change your journey through broken world.

And as the impossibly dark secrets of a 23rd century Earth unfurl, Ethan’s original UGR mission spins wildly out of control…

  • Steam Greenlit: June 2014
  • ID@Xbox approved: March 2015
  • Oculus Rift supported: September 2015

Beyond Flesh and Blood: ID@Xbox Trailer 1, E3 2015


Beyond Flesh and Blood imagines the worst of humanity in an incredibly gory, dystopian future and the ultimate in military technology.


  • Hardcore training: the game is not a cover-based shooter. It’s about using speed and skill to survive
  • Progress is enhanced and reigned in by the communications link between mind and mech
  • Gory over the top action: people being ripped in half, gibs and blood, explosions, fire, lasers…and more gibs
  • Detailed environments: reimagined Manchester playscapes, proudly making full use of the sheer graphical power of Unreal 4
  • Mech in Mech: the player can pilots multiple combat rigs including enemy rigs
  • Hours of story-driven game play: and act one of a trilogy
  • Guns, explosives, industrial lasers: player guns are upgraded throughout the game and enemy weapons can also be obtained by killing the opponent (acting as a temporary upgrade to augment your firepower).
  • Difficult combat designed to test skill: none of these ‘hand holding-ly’ easy gameplay mechanics endemic in modern game design…
  •  Leaderboards and Achievements – plus wave-based survival mode for extended gameplay
  • Discover what lies ahead for Earth: and see how you fared against other hardcore players

Venture beyond anything you’ve ever known. Break rank and rules.